Review: Postcard sending app Fizzer

Fizzer is an app that allows you to send postcards from your phone. You can also use their website and upload photos from your computer.

photo from

How does it work?

Choose a photo from your phone’s photo stream

Write a short message Fizzer app

Then the fun bit, draw your signature!

Fizzer app
It´s hard to write neatly but it´s fun to try

Add the name and address of your recipient

Pay (more on that in a moment)

Fizzer prints your postcard and sends it in an envelope within 24 hours

Your personalised postcard arrives a few days later!

I had a few initial reservations, such as:

  1. I can put photos from my phone on Facebook. Why pay to send them when my friends will see them anyway?

It is always nice to receive something personal in the post. I have family members that are disappointed if they don’t get a postcard when I go away! Also, think of people that don’t have Facebook, like your grandparents who love to hear your news.

2.  Why not just send a conventional postcard?

With Fizzer your postcards are personal. You could choose a photo of yourself with friends you have met travelling, or of something you did today, and send it to your loved ones.

Fizzer makes sending postcards from abroad easy. In developing countries, you cannot be sure that you card will make it back, and my postcards often arrive after I get home. Fizzer posts your card within 24 hours and sends you a confirmation email.

It is just so convenient to send a postcard using your phone! All you need is wifi. No more hunting for a post office, queuing up to buy a really expensive stamp, then hunting for a postbox.

When I travel I’m always carrying around postcards in my bag, that get more and more dog-eared as I hunt for a post box. I recently crossed into Ecuador and found a postcard in my bag with a Peruvian stamp on, that I had simply forgotten to send as I could never find a post box in Peru. In Japan I searched high and low for postcards and ended up buying them in the gift shop of a temple I didn´t even visit, as I couldn´t find them anywhere. (Buying stamps in Japanese was also a challenge!)

What is the card like?

The recipient of my first Fizzer postcard liked the print and paper quality, and was really pleased with the card.

I wanted to change the message on the card after I had created and clicked send. A few hours later I messaged Fizzer on Twitter and they replied straight away. They were kind enough to change the text for me immediately and I was really impressed with the service.

Are you convinced? Just one last question then:

How much does it cost?

Fizzer offer a selection of pricing packs. You spend one credit per card you send and the more credits you buy, the better the value. Their prices are in Euros as they are French:
one credit costs €2.49
five credits cost €9.99
ten credits cost €17.99
fifty credits cost €79.99

I think that  €2.49 for a card and a stamp is really reasonable and here is the good news. Fizzer have created a discount code for travellerhannah readers. Insert the promo code “Hannah” at the bottom of the “Type of Shipment” page

Fizzer app

click Validate, and receive a 15% discount on all the pricing packs!

The app is easy to use and it is a great concept. It’s available to download for free on the App Store, or visit

Twitter: @fizzerapp
Take a look at their Facebook page to see what the postcards look like!

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16 thoughts on “Review: Postcard sending app Fizzer

  1. I heard about this app a few months ago and had been hoping to see a review. I agree that the price is totally reasonable if you factor in the card, the postage and actually remembering to go to the post office to drop it off ^^ Plus I love the idea of being able to send my own pictures!


  2. Wow, I got goosebumps reading your post and imagining sending my personal postcards to beloved ones and receiving their positive feedback!

    Thanks for the share and for the discount! 🙂



  3. Such a great idea! I always have grand plans of sending postcards when I’m away but I never get around to it – mostly because buying stamps is about the last thing I want to do on a holiday. So this is a really handy way to send something a little more personal than a Facebook picture.


  4. Hi Hannah, do you know where the postcards get sent from? I’ve noticed in the app they ask you to set a source location. I imagine this just gets put on a fake-stamp of some kind.


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