Photo of the Week: Week 1 Montañita

Photo of the Week is a new feature on TravellerHannah, a way to regularly share photos of my travels with you.

I took this photo in Montañita, from the top floor of Hostal de Ricky and I wanted to share this photo with you for two reasons

Montañita Ecuador

  1. It shows what life in rural Ecuador can be like.

Outside of the big cities, most of the houses look like this. Concrete blocks which are always unfinished. I still can’t quite believe that people (including families with young children) live in these often unsafe construction sites, with missing walls or half-finished roofs. In Montañita I saw children running barefoot across piles of rubble, and toddlers teetering dangerously close to the edge of a 2 storey drop.

2. It gives an idea of the climate.

I don’t know why so many houses are in such a condition, but the state of the buildings gives an indication of the climate – it is never cold and it rarely rains on the sun-drenched coast, so an absent wall probably doesn’t cause too much trouble. The airy rooms were useful in the midday heat! My strongest memory of Montañita is being boiling hot ALL THE TIME. I never wore trousers or a t-shirt with long sleeves. The tropical trees also give a clue to the weather conditions. The air is humid here and as the clear blue sky suggests, the sun shines brightly all year round.

Although Montañita is known for being a party destination – and yes I did party, this image of one of the quieter streets is how I remember the town.

Read more about my take on Montañita here.

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