5 Star Hostels - Best hostels worldwide by Hostelgeeks

Have you heard of Hostel Geeks?

hostelgeeks.com is an awesome travel website with three different focuses:

5 Star Hostels – Having worked in the tourism and hostel industry for several years, the Hostelgeeks team knows what makes a great hostel. They find the best hostels across the world

5 Star Hostels - Best hostels worldwide by Hostelgeeks
5 Star Hostels – Best hostels worldwide by Hostelgeeks

and award them 5 stars according to the following criteria: sustainability and eco-friendliness, excellent design, unique character, social vibes, and great staff.

Hostel Geeks write detailed profiles of each of their 5 star hostels with beautiful photos that will make you want to go and stay in all of them

Short Travel Stories – they post exciting stories containing 100 words or fewer, written by their official contributors on the road around the world. These stories can be sad, crazy, fun, adventurous and are unique

Geeky Travel Guides – they publish  short, clear guides with 5 insider tips so you can enjoy your destination like a local. They are written by locals and expats, and never contain anything touristy. The Geeky Travel Guides are free to download!

I have been working with Hostel Geeks for about two months, by contributing short stories about my travels. They recently made me an official contributor (thanks!)

hostelgeeks contributor-badge

and I have my own profile where you can read all of my travel stories – take a look!

I also review 5 star hostels for Hostel Geeks, like the fantastic BoutiQuito Design Hostel in Quito, an official Hostel Geeks 5 star hostel that I stayed at.

BoutiQuito Hostel Quito
from the top of the stairwell at BoutiQuito

So do you want a regular dose of wanderlust? Subscribe to the Short Travel Stories and read about travellers’ adventures and mishaps across the globe

Are you travelling soon but are yet to book your hostel? Check out Hostel Geeks’ 5 star hostels, to get the most awesome hostel in your destination. They also show you how to get the best price. If they don’t have a 5 star hostel in your destination, tweet them and they’ll recommend a great alternative

Do you like discovering unique, non-touristy places wherever you go, just like me? Then I recommend you take a look at Hostel Geeks’ Geeky Guides for your next trip. More destinations are being added all the time.

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