Photo of the week: week 3 El Mirador de Guapulo

If you like my Facebook page you may have noticed that I’m currently in love with Quito’s sky. I have been living in Ecuador’s capital for over a month and now that the weather is improving, the sky is increasingly beautiful!

Take this photo as an example:

el Mirador de Guapulo Quito

I took this in the late afternoon looking east from the Mirador de Guapulo, a hill at the top of this bohemian barrio. The Mirador offers fantastic views of some of the many volcanoes that surround Quito.

While the Centro Historico is very pretty, Quito is not the most attractive city in the world. However its setting is beautiful and on a clear day, you can see snow-capped Cotopaxi, one of the world´s highest volcanoes about 30 miles away.

The mirador is also an excellent place to watch the sunrise, if you find yourself awake and waiting for buses to start running at 5am!

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