The Liebster Award

I have been nominated for The Liebster Award by Luke Marlin of Anti Travel Guides. Thank you Luke for the nomination!

The Liebster Award is a great way for bloggers to support each other. Once you have been nominated, you answer the eleven questions set for you. Next, you nominate five bloggers whose answers you’d like to read, and you write eleven questions for them. They then answer your questions and nominate their own choice of bloggers.

For more information about the Liebster Award I suggest you read this very thorough explanation written by Lorraine Reguly of Wording Well blog.

  1. Why?
    I am not sure what Luke is referring to here – Why did I create my travel blog? To update my family and friends about my adventures!

  2. Highest country on your to-visit list and why?
    I am currently dreaming about India. I want to experience the ancient customs, eat the fantastic food, smell the spices, gaze at (and buy) the ornate clothing, admire the distinctive architecture, listen to the languages. I want to walk down the street and be amazed as I take it all in.

  3. Funniest travel moment?
    I’m still laughing about a recent over-reaction of mine that I wrote about and submitted to Hostel Geeks. You can read the story here. I was on a bus on my own at night and got scared!

  4. When you first arrive somewhere new, what is the first thing you do after checking in?
    Get my hands on a map. I like to walk about and follow my nose, and a map permits me to get off the tourist trail

    market Havana Cuba
    A green grocers in Havana, Cuba
    without getting lost down side streets.

  5. When curating an itinerary, do you tend to favour cities, small towns or pure nature?
    I am more of a culture vulture than a nature enthusiast, so I favour big cities as they generally offer more galleries, religious buildings, museums, monuments and the like. However cities give just one impression of a country, and I tend to move about as much as I can in the time that I have, to get a broader view. I also love to get off the beaten path,

    Trekking above the clouds to the Marcahuasi ruins, Peru
    and this is often achieved by venturing to the lesser known towns.

  6. On a scale of 9-10, how much do you love Australia?
    I have never been to Australia, but everyone I know that has been, loves it! I get the impression that it easy to find work, which teamed with the outdoor culture, leads to a great lifestyle!

  7. What would you do if you discovered a new animal?
    Take a photo and post it on Instagram! I like sharing my experiences and discoveries for others to enjoy.

  8. Dale Kerrigan, while in a 2 stroke dinghy boat, said in the brilliant cult classic film The Castle “The faster you go the more you see”. Do you agree or disagree? Have you watched this film? And why not?
    I have not seen The Castle but I do not agree with that statement. It depends on what you want to see, but if you travel too fast, going from place of interest to place of interest, you will not necessarily see more and are likely to miss details like appreciating local customs.

    Carhuaz market
    Women selling guinea pigs at Carhuaz market, Peru
    I like to stay put for a while every now and again, and really get to know a place.

  9. How do you plan your travels? Do you meticulously plan or just fly by the seat of your pants?
    If it’s a short trip of a week or less, I’ll do some research so I don’t waste time when I’m there. I don’t plan an itinerary though, because I don’t know what I’ll want to do until I’m there and have got a feel for the place.
    When I travel for a longer period, like now, I don’t really plan anything beyond a vague idea of which countries I want to go to! I like to listen to recommendations of other travellers in my hostel, and take each day as it comes. People will suggest places you’ve never heard of, so you would always end up changing any plans.

  10. What is the most unique accommodation you’ve ever stayed in?
    A capsule hostel in Tokyo! I spent my first night in Japan in First Cabin Akihabara and it was unforgettable. Men and women had separate floors, and separate lifts that only stopped at the appropriate floor! The ‘room’ was no bigger than the bed and I felt very cosy. The hotel even provided pyjamas and everything was laid out on the bed, wrapped in sealed plastic bags. The weirdness of the experience was enhanced by my extreme tiredness and jet lag, but I’d certainly recommend it!

  11. How do you generally occupy yourself on plane trips?
    On long haul flights I sleep. They always seem to involve a very early start, and twice I’ve spent the night before at the airport, so by the time I get into my seat I’m ready to sleep. On shorter flights I like to read about my destination, and the in-flight magazine. When I travel within Europe I nearly always go with EasyJet as they are super cheap, and the EasyJet Traveller magazine is great.

I nominate:

Kelly of Blue Eyed View

Andrew and Emily of Along Dusty Roads

Louise of Because this is Africa

Crystal of Poor Explorer

Mel of Footsteps on the Globe

for the Liebster Award. Congratulations! My questions for you are:

  1. How do you choose your next destination?
  2. Aside from your passport, what is the one item that you cannot leave home without?
  3. How do you work out what to pack for a trip of several months?
  4. What is the best way to keep in touch with people back home when you are away travelling?
  5. What type of accommodation do you usually go for and how does it enhance or affect your trip?
  6. What useful gadgets do you currently have in your rucksack?
  7. Is there anything that you always look up about the country before you leave?
  8. Which travel blogs are you most enjoying at the moment?
  9. What piece of advice would you recommend to a first-time backpacker?
  10. How do you make your blog stand out?
  11. What is the most underrated place you’ve been to?

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4 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Great answers Hannah! I agree, travelling slow is the best way and I really feel I have seen a lot more of Iceland on my bike than those in their cars.

    Thank you for the nomination! 🙂


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