Photo of the week: week 6 street scene in Esmeraldas province

I took this photo from a bus as I crossed Esmeraldas province on my way back to Quito after a weekend at the beach.

esmeraldas street life

I want to share it with you:

  • because it is a scene that is typical of small coastal towns; locals sitting by the side of the dirt road is a common sight once you head out of the large cities.

  • because of the unusual mural warning against teenage pregnancy, signed by the ‘sexuality brigade’. Apparently teenage pregnancy is increasing in Ecuador and this, along with other displays warning about drug and alcohol abuse, covered the walls surrounding a school. I am not sure what to make of mural but the messages read “Teenagers: NO to early pregnancy” and “What may have been a game yesterday is reality today”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it anywhere else!

  • because every corner shop and street vendor on the coast sells bananas from a plant like those in the photo. Fruit in Ecuador is amazing, particularly bananas! They are so much sweeter than at home and I eat them every day.

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