Working for TripAdvisor

TripBod, part of TripAdvisor, recently contacted me and commisioned me to write two guides about Cuba.

Plaza de la revolucion Havana
Plaza de la Revolución, Havana
I went to Cuba for a week in September 2014, and then for 6 weeks in January and February this year. I started this TravellerHannah blog after I left the country, so have not yet written any blog posts about my time there (but I will eventually I promise!)

TripAdvisor require detail, listings about unique places to visit, and lots of insider tips, so my Cuba travel diary came in handy while writing the guides! and I really enjoyed re-reading about the adventures I had in that fascinating country.

So in case you’d like a sneak peak of my Cuban experience, TripAdvisor gave me the titles ‘A Romantic Guide to Cuba´ and ´Cuba off the Beaten Path´. You can check out the guides by clicking on the titles.


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10 thoughts on “Working for TripAdvisor

  1. Now that Cuba has started to open up we’d better get there quickly before outside influences change it forever. Its just one of those places that after reading some Hemingway , kind of pull you in. I will check out your guides for further information.


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