Photo of the week: week 9 retro restaurant 🍔🍟

Pin Up is a retro-themed American-style diner in La Floresta, one of my favourite areas of Quito. I used to walk past it on my route to work from Guapulo to La Mariscal and its snazzy look always caught my eye.

One evening I had an hour to wait before a flat viewing, which finally gave me an opportunity to check it out.

I loved the whole image; the comfy booths which are great for groups, the ’60s style staff uniforms and best of all the retro posters on the walls! The whole place was sparkingly clean and the waiters were cheery.

The menu contains hamburgers, pancakes and the like. If that’s not your sort of thing I still recommend that you pop in for a milkshake to take a look at the interior design!

Address: Calle Valladolid N24-197, La Floresta, Quito

Twitter @PinUpCoffe

Instagram @pinupcoffe

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