A Snapshot of Cuba

“We trudged through the streets of sleepy Remedios, Cuba, our rucksacks feeling heavier under the midday sun. In search of a Casa Particular, we stumbled onto the main plaza, where the town’s band was playing a slow march under the dappled shade of the band stand. The loud brass felt like a regal welcome, as though we were being rewarded for making it to this tiny place that tourists don’t bother with. The music was wonderful and I smiled at the thought that some experiences cannot be planned. They just happen and you have to simply enjoy the moment.”

A short travel story I wrote for Hostel Geeks, originally featured on www.hostelgeeks.com

Remedios Cuba
Leaving Remedios behind us as we headed to the coast

I spent 6 unforgettable weeks travelling across Cuba at the start of 2015, and charming Remedios with its dirt roads and incredible church was one of my highlights.

I am an official Hostel Geeks contributor and you can read more of my short travel stories here

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