Quito Guide: Must See

I originally came to Quito for a few days and visited some of the most well-known places. I know I say I like to get off the beaten path and avoid tourist spots, but even I have to admit that occasionally touristy places have become so for a good reason!

Here is my list of the well-visited and must-see places in Quito:

1. Plaza Grande

What? One of two large squares in old Quito lined with grand colonial buildings and dotted with towering palm trees.

It full of benches and it is a lovely place for a pause during a walk around the Centro Historico.

Where? Between Calle Venezuela and Calle García Moreno, Centro Historico

Cost? Free

2. Plaza de Santo Francisco

What? The other of old Quito’s main squares.

It is not as charming as Plaza Grande but it is flanked by some equally attractive buildings, and it is home to the wonderful Iglesia Santo Francisco 

which has a beautiful gold ceiling (entrance is free)

Where? on the corner of Avenida Jose de Sucre and Calle García Moreno, Centro Historico

Cost? Free

3. Iglesia de la Companía de Jesus

What? A gorgeous church with a carved stone facade

and an amazing gold ceiling inside.

Even if you are not a church person you should check it out!

Where? Between Calle Cuenca and Calle Sebastián de Benalcázar, Centro Historico

Cost? 2$ for students and 4$ for adults. CLick here for visitor information.

4. Fundación Guayasamin

The beautiful house of the late Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamin has been turned into a muesum that houses his work and his art collection. Not to be missed.


Where? E18-94 y Barrio, Mariano Calvache (I recommend taking a taxi)

Cost? 4$ for students and 8$ for adults. I have an alumni card which works for student discount (winning!) but I still think it’s worth splashing out on 8$ for this fantastic gallery.


Check out my alternative guide to Quito with lesser-known places to visit here!



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9 thoughts on “Quito Guide: Must See

  1. Hi Hannah

    This was super informative! We are planning a trip to Ecuador for March next year and really excited about exploring Quito too. You just might get an email from us with some queries 🙂
    Hope that’s alright.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Funtravelog,
      I’m so glad you liked the guide! I wrote a part two with lesser known places that are worth checking out too!
      Of course you can email me with any questions, I’d be more than happy to share advice!


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