Photo of the week: week 10 fruit and veg like you’ve never imagined 🍅🍍🍉🍌

This is Iñaquito, a large market in Quito near the Carolina Park. You can buy pretty much everything there; fish, meat, herbs, dried foods, kitchen utensils, but I prefer the fruit and veg section the most.

I have been in Ecuador for a while now but I am still frequently amazed by the size, flavour and variety of the fruit and vegetables here!

Market Quito Ecuador
a typical Ecuadorian market

Being amazed by groceries probably sound a little crazy but fruit and vegetables really are so much bigger and tastier here compared to in the UK. Hopefully this photo of the colourful display gives an idea!Avocadoes, tomatoes, and passionfruits are twice the size compared to what you can find at home. Eating a mango or a pineapple here is like discovering the fruit all over again!I love shopping for and eating fresh fruit and veg in Ecuador.


If you come to Ecuador be sure to try tomate de árbol, naranjilla and guanábana, all delicious blended as juices too!

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7 thoughts on “Photo of the week: week 10 fruit and veg like you’ve never imagined 🍅🍍🍉🍌

  1. I am SO JEALOUS. Produce availability here in Seoul is incredibly limited compared to back in the States (at least California and New York) and just seeing all those big, beautiful colors is making my mouth water!


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