593 hostel common area

Review: 593 Boutique Hostel, Quito

593 Boutique Hostel is a comfortable design hostel in the north of Quito. I stayed for two nights in a private room, and here´s what I experienced!

+ included in the price

breakfast at 593 Boutique Hostel Quito

juice, cereals, cheeses, ham, bread and jam are available in a self-service buffet.

The lovely Veronica brings fruit to your table and asks how you’d like your eggs

– no guest kitchen which was a shame! I had brought food to prepare so the receptionist kindly let me use the staff area.

Common zone:
+ there are seating areas dotted about the hostel – there is a beautifully designed corner to discover on every floor!

The upstairs dining area has a large sofa with TV and playstation, and table tennis.

Hot water:
+ yes and the showers are great

+ 593 Boutique hostel is located in a quiet residential area that feels really safe. It is near the huge Carolina Park and Iñaquito fruit and veg market – which is well worth a visit for the atmosphere.

– It is a bit far from Quito´s historic centre but there are plenty of buses nearby to take you all over the city.

+ absolutley gorgeous! Every room has lots of natural light and is spotlessly clean.

+ The mattresses are excellent and the beds in the private rooms are huge!

Price: dorm beds are $35 a night (discounts available for large groups). In my opinion this is quite high but top-end price reflects the high standard of the hostel.

+ 593 hostel is very secure. You have to buzzed in at the front door when you arrive, and then are given a key card. Every room has a key and there is a locker for everyone – even in the private rooms.

+ the staff were very friendly and were willing to help with any question.

593 hostel quito

The hostel had a relaxed atmosphere.

+ yes, all over the hostel

+ each floor has a different theme that represents the different geographical regions of Ecuador – the Amazon jungle, the coast, the highlands and the Galapogos Islands. The themes are represented in the colour schemes and the distinctive murals

+ slippers and toiletries!

These little extra touches made my stay at 593 Hostel memorable.

Stars: ***** I award 593 Boutique Hostel 5/5 stars!

Facebook: 593 Boutique Hotel         Website: www.593hostel.com

Twitter: @593hostel                         Contact: 023520853

Address: Gregorio Bobadilla y Granda Centeno, Quito

What do you think? Would you like to stay at 593 Boutique Hostel?

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