Lima, centro historico

May #IGTravelChallenge


Welcome back to the #IGTravelChallenge!

May’s Theme: Great skies

There is something about the sky that can be very dramatic, like these ominous rain clouds:

Basílica de Quito, Ecuador

Willesden, north west London, England
Or these low clouds:

From my bedroom window in Quito, Ecuador
Sunsets can also be breathtaking, and no collection of sky photos would be complete without one! The hazy pink sunset on the tiny island of Bolivar was beautiful

Bolivar, Esmeraldas, Ecuador
and the sky looked endless during this sunset on Mompiche beach:

Mompiche beach

Mompiche, Esmaraldas, Ecuador
Finally I want to share this photo I took on the night I arrived in Lima last year. It is unedited – yes the sky really was that colour!

Lima, centro historico
Plaza San Martin, Lima, Peru
I love snapping the sky!

How does the #igtravelchallenge work?

On the 15th of every month

  • Write a blog post or create a blog photo gallery interpreting the theme in your own way


  • Post a photo in Instagram
  • Use the hashtag #IGTravelChallenge
  • Leave the link to your blog post in a comment below – I want to see your sky photos!
  • Share and comment on participant’s blog posts and Instagram photos

A few courtesy rules:

Please respect other participants and their views
No bullying or shaming of any kind
If you leave a link, please comment or share 3 other people’s link
Be positive
Share and grow our community

June’s theme: street art

Hosted on Carlie’s blog, A Cajun in Cali. Look out for her post on 15th June!

Do you love travel photography? Then make sure you are following all the #igtravelchallenge hosts on Instagram!

Tricia is at @TheAdventureList, Carlie is at @ACajuninCali, and I am at @TravellerHannah


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