Review: Hostal la Merced, Carhuaz, Peru

I spent two nights at Hostal la Merced. Despite the name, it is not a hostel it is a hotel. There are no hostels in Carhuaz, probably because it is not a popular backpacking destination. You can read about my time in Carhuaz here.

The walls in the hall were covered in posters of churches, Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and the hotel was silent. I think cranky would be the best word to describe Hostal la Merced, and  I would recommend staying here for the experience.

– not included
– not available to purchase
+ a café round the corner opens early and sells a variety of reasonably priced pastries

Hot water: yes

+ one block away from the pretty Plaza de Armas
+ on a very quiet street (a rareity in Peru)

Price for a room without an en suite bathroom: 20 soles. (en suites available)

+ buzzer entry to front door
+ 24 hour reception
+ you have to put your key in a little locked post box when you leave the hotel

Welcome: The owner César was a kindly old man who was eager to chat to me. The town does not see many tourists and I think I may have been something of a novelty. I was leaving in the evening and although check out was at midday, he very kindly let me check out as late as I liked. I was really grateful and was able to have a shower and change into warm clothes before my over night bus.

Wifi: wifi has yet not reached rural Carhuaz

Stars: *** I award Hostal la Merced 3 stars

Contact: 0052 043394280 or mobile 943082337. No email or website.

Address: Jr. Ucayali 724, Carhuaz, Ancash, Peru

Tip: If you are coming from the south (from Huaraz) look for the huge signs with the hotel´s name and a helpful arrow, just as you enter Carhuaz. If you enter from the north, (coming from Yungay) stay on the main road until you see the big arch that welcomes you to the town, then take a left into the centre.

Ask for a room on the left had side of the corridor. Mine was on the street side and the thin curtains did not block out the sun.

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