Kit Wish List

Having the right travel accessories can really enhance your trip. This is the kit I need (or want)!


  • A GoPro camera

    photo from

Tough, waterproof, lightweight, tiny and with a wide angle lens to capture that landscape, a GoPro is the perfect camera for any traveller. The GoPro hero comes with a screen, so you can view and check your photos on the go, rather than having to wait until you get to a PC (which is often hard when on the road) as with the older model.

Sadly a GoPro is out of my budget, but I can wish!

gap year travel store head torch
photo from

A head torch leaves your hands free, ideal for packing your rucksack in the early morning without needing to turn on the light in your dormitory and disturb people that are sleeping. This torch from Gap Year Travel Store is under 2 pounds so is excellent value. It has an adjustable headstrap and an adjustable beam – it sounds really practical!


aroamas vanilla solid perfume
photo from

A solid perfume from Aromas

Aroamas are handmade solid perfume sticks. They are perfect for travelling because there is no risk of your perfume leaking! They are also much lighter than a glass bottle of liquid.

Packing essentials:

Dry bags from Gap Year Travel Store

gap year travel store dry bags
photo from

Dry bags are essential for travellers who are living out of a rucksack. If one item of clothing gets wet just before you have to leave, and you pack it with the rest of your gear, everything gets damp. When you are moving from hostel to hostel, it can be hard to get things dry again. Dry bags allow you to organise your clothing and keep wet/dirty/smelly clothes separate.

These bags from Gap Year Travel Store are thin and lightweight. They come in different sizes, allowing you to optimise the (often limited) space in your rucksack.


The Dressy Sweatpant from Encircled

dressy sweat pant encircled
photo from

Encircled are a an eco-friendly clothing company, that design versatile travel clothing for women. Their latest creation is the Dressy Sweatpant, designed to be comfortable and appropriate for any occasion! (read Her Packing List´s detailled review)

Instead of taking jeans, leggings, and hareem pants, the Dressy Sweatpant would replace all of these!

I try to pack as lightly as I can and always select clothes that have multiple uses – read more about my packing style here. These trousers from Encircled are just what I need!

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