Review: Great Hostels Backpackers, Baños, Ecuador

I stayed for four nights at Great Hostels Backpackers. Here is what I got up to in Baños!

The best thing about Great Hostels was the free dinners on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and the double bunk beds in la cabaña.

+ Included in the room price. Nice rolls with lovely homemade jam, oats, bananas, coffee
– stops at 9.30am! Far too early
+ delicious fresh juice
+ guest kitchen

Hot water: yes
+ the showers are really powerful
– there was no water on two separate evenings during my four day stay. The first time I did not mind waiting until the following morning for a shower, however the second time I had just got back from a long, uphill bike ride and wanted to shower immediately. It turned out that not all of the hostel was affected and the owner was kind enough to let me use the bathroom in an unoccupied private room.

– a little out of the centre but Baños is a small place and you can easily walk to the main plaza

+ small lockers in the rooms

Rooms: I stayed in the 10 bed dorm which is a separate building at the back of the site, called la cabaña. The bunks are doubles which was such a treat!


though the mattresses on the top bunks are narrower. There were no curtains so I suggest bringing an eyemask.

Price per dorm bed: 9 dollars upwards, depending on the number of beds. Privates also available.

+ buzzer entry
+ guests are given a key to the room

Welcome: The owners speak English. I was exhausted when I arrived and the man at reception was kind enough to carry my rucksack to the room for me, which I really appreciated.

Wifi: yes
– not in la cabaña
+ in the other dorms
+ two networks
+ computers available for guest use

Extras: free dinners! (but bear in mind that when they say risotto, they mean long grain rice with some vegetables) bar, pool table, towels provided, TV with a DVD collection and bean bags, meals served all day, a large selection of homemade cakes on sale, lots of information about tours, activities and buses.

Stars: **** I award Great Hostels 4/5 stars. The free dinners and the double bed really made this hostel stand out, but soap in the bathrooms and curtains in la cabaña would be nice.

Contact:  032741825

Address: Great Hostels Backpackers Los Pinos, Ricardo Zurita Carrillo y Callejon 46, Baños, Ecuador

Tip: request a bottom bunk in la cabaña for a double bed. La cabaña is much bigger than the other dorms and is the cheapest.

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