hostal de ricky montanita

Review: Hostal de Ricky, Montañita, Ecuador

I stayed for just over a week at Hostal del Ricky and loved it. A post about my time in Montañita here.

It is a low key, relaxed hostel without many facilities but with a great atmosphere. There isn’t even a front desk, you just walk in and shout Hola! and someone will appear. Like most of the buildings in Montañita it is very open

hostal de ricky montanita
very open!

and the top floor is a lovely spot to chill in a hammock.

– not included
+ guest kitchen

Hot water: yes but you don’t really want it in Montañita!

+ hostal del Ricky is in a perfect location. It is just on the edge of the town so you are not deafened by the music that blasts nightly from the bars and clubs, but it is still within walking distance of everything.

Several shops are about 30 seconds away and I loved being able to nip out to pick up something I needed while cooking, or a beer halfway though a party!

+ small lockers in the rooms

Rooms: I stayed in a private room with use of the shared bathroom, as it was the same price as a dorm bed in other hostels in the town. It was a real treat to have my own space after three months in hostels! The matress was good however the rooms are not sound proof – it is so hot that there is no glass in the windows, only mosquito netting – so I suggest bringing earplugs.

Price: 8 dollars a night for a private room with use of a shared bathroom. 15 dollars for a private room with en suite.

Security: there actually is not much by way of security

hostal de ricky montanita
common area

hostal de ricky montanita
However as I had a key to my room this did not bother me and I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

+ the front gate is shut and guarded during the night and non-guests are not allowed in.

Welcome: when I stayed, the hostel was managed but a lovely Venezuelan couple Angel and Teni, who were really friendly and were aways happy to help me. They organised a barbecue one night for the birthday of one of their friends and another evening I cooked and had dinner with them.

Wifi: yes and super fast!

Extras: TV, really fast laundry service, hammocks everywhere
hostal de ricky montanita
Stars: *** I award Hostel de Ricky 3/5 stars. It is quite simple but it is charming, and I felt welcome and at home.

Contact: 0985059821

Address: Hostal de Ricky, Calle Principal Segundo Rosales (frente a la cooperativa de taxis) Montañita, Ecuador

But there are no street names in Montañita and the hostel is about 10 seconds away from where the bus drops you off, so follow these directions instead:
When you get off the bus, cross the main road and walk about 10 meters towards the town centre, passing a bakery (panaderia) on the corner to your left.
Take the first right, onto a street where yellow taxis will be parked. You´ll see a Thai restaurant on the corner. Hostel de Ricky is about 10 meters down that road, on the right hand side.
 palm tree montanita
You will see surfboards and tropical plants lining the front fence.

Tip: they offer a discount if you pay for multiple nights up front. I would have paid less had I known I would stay so long.


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