Review: Hostal Florida Central, Santa Clara, Cuba

Hostal Florida Central in Santa Clara is referred to as one of the best casa particulares in Cuba (click here to find out what casa particulares are) by the Lonely Planet guide to the country, which says that the gorgeous internal patio could give any botanical garden a run for its money, and that the casa housed more antiques than the city’s Museo de Artes Decorativas.

I am not one to pick accommodation just because it has a nice interior, as it will probably be more expensive than a simpler option, but based on that amazing description I was determined to check out Hostal Florida Central.

As I expected, Lonely Planet was right; Hostal Florida Central was wonderful.

The front hall is jam-packed with tables, chairs, vases, mirrors, crockery, lamps, photo frames and the tiled floor is beautiful.

The internal garden is bursting with tropical plants and is dotted with tables. The garden becomes a rather romantic restaurant in the evening and I had some of the best food in Cuba here.

The rooms are off to one side:

– not included
+ available to purchase and delicious!

Hot water: yes

Location: Perfectly located in the city centre, 2 blocks from the main plaza

Price: 25 CUC per room, regardless of how many people stay. That is a lot more than I paid for all the other casa particulares I stayed at, but it was the most beautiful! (Do not try to negociate here)

Rooms: one of the rooms is decorated in a colonial style, and the one we stayed in has an art deco theme, with incredible furniture

Hostal Florida Central santa clara
the huge sink and the bed frame are gorgeous

Security: The front door is locked and guarded at night. I would have liked a key to the room but I did not feel worried.

Welcome: the charasmatic owner Angel welcomed us at the front door and was always happy to answer questions. He showed us around the new hotel he is building across the road.

Wifi: no not in Cuba!

Extras: the beautiful botanical garden,

botanical garden Hostal Florida Central santa clara

the excellent restaurant (order the ropa vieja – shredded beef), and the unforgettable interior!

Stars: ***** I award Hostal Florida Central 5/5 stars. It is the most beautiful accommodation I stayed at in 6 weeks in Cuba. I thoroughly recommend this casa particular to anyone and everyone! If you are planning to stick to hotels as you have heard that you need Spanish to stay in casas, which is generally true, fear not as Angel speaks French, English and Italian.

Contact: 0053 42 20 81 61

Address: 56 Maestra Nicolasa (Candelaria) between Colón and Maceo, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba
Tip: Arrive early in the morning as it is well-known and nearly always booked up!
Hostel Florida Central, or  Hostel Florida Center as it is also called, is without doubt the best casa particular in Santa Clara.

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