Review: Loki del Mar Hostel, Mancora, Peru

I stayed for three nights at Loki Mancora. You can read about my time in Mancora here.

Loki is a well-known South American party hostel chain. Loki Mancora was recommended to me for the perfect location on the beach, and the large pool that constitutes the communal area.


It felt a bit like a Spanish resort (without any children) and as there isn’t really anything to do in Mancora other than enjoy the blazing sun, you come to Loki to stay within Loki.

– not included
+ available to purchase (for example full English, omelette, waffles)
– no guest kitchen

Hot water: yes

Location: fantastic!
+ right on the beach. The hostel has a back entrance which leads straight onto the sand
+ there are many shops and restaurants just outside

+ big lockers large enough to contain your rucksack (or a person as we discovered) in the dorms, with plug sockets inside
+ small lockers at reception

Rooms: the rooms were a bit of a problem for me. As guests spent the days in the pool and at the beach, the floors were always wet and sandy. My mattress had a big dip in the middle, there was no glass in the windows, only mosquito netting, so it was always noisy. Considering the price, I was not too impressed.

It seems to me that Loki spend more on balloons, face paint, props for activities, costumes for the staff and generally making the hostel a party destination, than they do on the accommodation essentials.

Price per dorm bed: 28 soles upwards, depending on the number of beds in the dorm. Privates also available.

+ buzzer entry
+ security guard at front gate
+ guests (and their friends if they want to come inside Loki) are required to wear a wristband

Welcome: All staff speak English. Loki has a lazy poolside atmosphere in the day,


and becomes a busy bar at night. To be honest, the bar was busy most of the time, with the addition of good music, beer pong, flip cup and the like in the evenings

Wifi: yes
– only in the pool/bar area, not in the dorms

Extras: the pool! (unheard of in a hostel)! the hammocks,

the bar with two happy hours a day, daily activities, meals available to purchase (I recommend the amazing tuna steak, ask for it rare!)

Stars: **** I award Loki del Mar Hostel 4/5 stars. The pool and the party atmosphere were great. If they gave the rooms some much-needed attention, it would get five – it is accommodation that they are selling, after all!

Contact: 005173258484

Facebook: Loki Del Mar Mancora


Address: Avenida Piura 262, Mancora, Peru

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