A Snapshot of Cuba

“We trudged through the streets of sleepy Remedios, Cuba, our rucksacks feeling heavier under the midday sun. In search of a Casa Particular, we stumbled onto the main plaza, where the town’s band was playing a slow march under the dappled shade of the band stand. The loud brass felt like a regal welcome, as though we were being rewarded for making it to this tiny place … Continue reading A Snapshot of Cuba

Working for TripAdvisor

TripBod, part of TripAdvisor, recently contacted me and commisioned me to write two guides about Cuba. I went to Cuba for a week in September 2014, and then for 6 weeks in January and February this year. I started this TravellerHannah blog after I left the country, so have not yet written any blog posts about my time there (but I will eventually I promise!) TripAdvisor … Continue reading Working for TripAdvisor