Lima, centro historico

May #IGTravelChallenge

  Welcome back to the #IGTravelChallenge! May’s Theme: Great skies There is something about the sky that can be very dramatic, like these ominous rain clouds:   Or these low clouds: Sunsets can also be breathtaking, and no collection of sky photos would be complete without one! The hazy pink sunset on the tiny island of Bolivar was beautiful and the sky looked endless during this sunset … Continue reading May #IGTravelChallenge

Photo of the week: week 14 Guatape

This is Guatape, a village near Medellin in the heart of Colombia. I found out about Guatape on Instagram – the colourful streets looked so cute that I had to squeeze a visit in to my recent trip to the country.     It is a quiet little place, with not a lot to do other than enjoy the cobbled streets and brightly-coloured houses. Which I did! … Continue reading Photo of the week: week 14 Guatape

Review: Casa Kayam, Guatape, Colombia

Casa Kayam is a lovely relaxed hostel just outside the town of Guatape. The walls are covered with fantastic murals and the owners call the place an art project. When you arrive you are asked what your artistic talents are, and guests can contribute. Breakfast – not included + well-equipped guest kitchen Rooms + the rooms are clean with lovely bedding + each dorm bed has its own plug … Continue reading Review: Casa Kayam, Guatape, Colombia

The #IGtravelchallenge: what next?

In March, Tricia from The Adventure List, Carlie from A Cajun in Cali and I co-hosted the IG travel challenge, a photo-sharing challenge on Instagram. You can take a look at entries by searching the hashtag #igtravelchallenge on Instagram. We were overwhelmed by how many instagrammers got involved! Thank you to those that participated! I want to share with you some of my favourite entries and let you … Continue reading The #IGtravelchallenge: what next?

Review: Calle 11 Hostel, Santa Marta, Colombia

I stayed at the gorgeous Calle 11 hostel in Santa Marta, Colombia the night before and after I went on a four day trek to the Ciudad Perdida. It set in a huge villa, and was the ideal place to relax ahead of / after a hike! Breakfast – not included + guest kitchen available Common zones + there are several seating areas downstairs, inside and … Continue reading Review: Calle 11 Hostel, Santa Marta, Colombia

photo of the week: week 12 Santuario de las Lajas ⛪️

This incredible church is el Santuario de las Lajas (Las Lajas Sanctuary) in Ipiales, Colombia. Ipiales is just across the border from Ecuador, and being a big fan of churches – as you will know if you follow me on Instagram – I decided to cross to Colombia by land in order to check out this church. It is in a steep valley, a dramatic setting that adds to the … Continue reading photo of the week: week 12 Santuario de las Lajas ⛪️


Instagram Travel Photo Challenge

Do you like travel photography? Do you love Instagram? If yes then you should take part in the March Instagram Travel Challenge! Throughout the month of March, Carlie from a Cajun in Cali blog and I will be co-hosting an Instagram event organised by Tricia of The Adventure List blog.   How to get involved: Follow each host on Instagram so you know what the daily topics are. … Continue reading Instagram Travel Photo Challenge